Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I present a guest-post by SM, who is one of the commenters on Dovbear's blog whom I have always admired. A shtarke denker whose tight and to the point writings often express ideas that I wished I could have put so well.

He doesn't know that he's guest-posting, by the way. I just decided to lift his text wholesale and plonk it here. It was in a comment string underneath a guest-post by JS on Dovbear's blog.

SM writes:
1. Obama is genuinely inspiring to many, many people. This hurts the teeth of the right wing nut jobs but it is true. Their response is to talk down inspiration as lies - a betrayal of the political process which exposes them as 'only if you think like me' democrats (small 'd').

2. Because he is inspiring Obama has persuaded millions of people to vote who would otherwise not have voted. That is far more important than converting Republicans. He has persuaded people who felt excluded from the political process that they are included. That is a triumph for democracy - unless like some of the moaners above - you don't like the result. How dare dem uppity black folks vote in your election, eh guys?

3. Those same people have been alienated by McCain's choice of a woman who is stupid, uneducated and - most of all - uncaring as his running mate. Never was a more obvious choice to go with the benefit of publicity made. And to my credit I said this when DB first posted on Palin.

4. The right have done nothing but moan about media bias and Obama scare stories. See our own dear mad Essie and her mates. For most people who have never voted before this is a massive turn-off which motivates them against McCain. Lesson: if you whinge endlessly about conspiracies then people will quietly make your worst nightmares come true.

And, as an English football manager once memorably said, 'I am LOVING it'. Bush stinks. McCain was alright but never managed to step away from the smell because his veep (hahahahaha) carried it around with her. I am fed up of hearing Obama is a Muslim, a terrorist, a socialist, an Arab. These are lies told by the desperate because they cannot deal with the truth. And today that sort of crap is being flushed.

The message will not, of course be learned by those who should learn it. They lack the capability. But the USA will swing to the left and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do about it save assassinate the President. I wonder which idiot here will be the first person to defend that? And I shall be there - rejoicing. If Essie moves to Panama I might even take her green card...

Guest post by JS:
Dovbear's blog:

The Essie referred to above is Esther, who believes that Obama is a pro-terrorist communist islamo-black-nationalist voodoo practitioner. Or so she has told us in several verbose and over-the-top comments and communications.
We think of her as the Madame Blavatsky of the blog world, purveying messages from the spirits of truth, justice, beauty, and shoes that are too tight.


Anonymous said...

Excellent comment lifting, the sentiments of which I wholeheartedly support.

I'm British and therefore could not vote, but hey, I was up early to see the results and watch both speeches.

Obama inspired people to act and that's what many, many countries need in a leader right now.

It's a pity that John Mccain lost his way during most of the campaign and only found himself again at the time of his concession speech. (Not that I would ever support the Republicans in their current guise, but it's still a pity nonetheless).

I will be adding your blog to my blogroll if you don't mind...


Tzipporah said...

Yay SM. Always far too reasonable for DB's bog. :)

I've had such a big smile on my face for the last day and a half.

Spiros said...

Anyone comparing SM with Esther is nearly as barmy as Esther. I'm still not sure that I believe that Esther really exists, by the way; it seems more probable that she is some sort of malignant computer virus.

The back of the hill said...

Spiros, you are of course referring to the anonyomous putz on Dovbear's blog who called SM the resident idiot, and also a loony like Esther.

Remarkably, Esther really does exist. Unless she's melted in the last forty-eight hours (tefillas ha geshem sometimes DO work).

I also suspect that Esther is the person named Suzy who has been telling the diqduq crowd about her enjoyment of the energy and eagerness of younger men. We have already informed her that we are elderly coots who are intellectually intrigued by frigid and repressed younger women, and we further suggested that she should join a cult.
Alas, she ain't listening.
The diqduqgeeks are depondent over her ADD. It convinces us that if she isn't Suzy, she should be.

Anonymous said...

You made the right choice.
There is a lot of hyperbole being talked right now - but yesterday - via the booths in your country - the world shifted - a teeny bit - forwards.

respect to the USA!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lift - I am honoured.

Rachel, I'm a Brit too. I can't decide whether this is better than 1997 (when we booted the Tories out) or not. The cautionary note is that 1997 does not look as good in 2008 as it did at the time. I wonder whether we will be saying that about Obama in due course...

But for now - spes vincot omnia (hope conquers all)! One of the joys of being a liberal :)

Anonymous said...

Justa mo'

77 up????

"Telegraaf" quote:
De gelovige stem ging naar McCain. Protestanten en mensen die zeker een keer per week naar de kerk gaan, steunen de Republikein met respectievelijk 54 en 55 procent. Bij de joodse kiezer was Obama veruit de favoriet met 77 procent van de stemmen. Een kleine meerderheid van de katholieken stemde voor Obama (53 procent).

now pleez - wots that about dem Jooz???
acc to the NYT Israel, Georgia & the Philipines were rootin for MCain & growler-girl SP coz dey tink OB will deal wid Iran

wots wiv dat 77%???
who dem guys?


Spiros said...

If Esther is Suzy and enjoys the "energy and eagerness of younger men", the more power to her; unless of course she is a vampire. Otherwise, it is about the best thing I can think to say about her. From her comments on DovBlog, I would have figured the only thing she would have enjoyed was puling the wings off of penguins, or gluing pre-schoolers to garage doors (the roll-up kind).

Anonymous said...

SM - yes, 1997 doesn't look so great now - and hasn't done so for a while! I hope it's not the same for Obama.


Unknown said...


When I saw the people in Chicago, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, men and women, young and old I got a warm feeling. America was a good example for the rest of the world. I congratulate you for that.
77% of the American Jews voted for Obama. Rahm Emanuel has been appointed.
I'm feeling good.

What made me sad the last days of the campaign was the ad of the Republican Jews: that there would be another holocaust if Obama would be elected. I still cannot understand this, from fellow Jews?! Glad they didn't succeed.

Knowing that you are an Obama fan, I congratulate you.

J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Dear Mr. “SM”,

I read with great interest your insightful answer to us fanatic racist Nazi wing nuts who dare disagree with Obama’s political stances and dare questioning his true origins and intentions.
Now let me please answer you point by point;

1. "Obama inspires millions and it hurts us" – this is largely true. What hurts us, however, is not his inspiration per se, but the fact that there is zero substance behind this inspiration. Behind the vague promises and his race, there was nary any substantial proposals or plans he suggested. He told everyone what they wanted to hear, and exploited race to further his personal gain. That’s what really hurts our teeth. And that thick layer of sugar on the oversweet cake. And yes, he has lied on innumerable occasions.

2. “Because he is inspiring Obama has persuaded millions of people to vote who would otherwise not have voted.” No. Not because he is inspiring, but because he is black. “He has persuaded people who felt excluded from the political process that they are included.” Blacks are by far not excluded from the political process. There are more black CEOs, celebrities and politicans in the USA that anywhere else in the world. Smearing anyone daring to disagree with you as racist is exactly what you accuse us of; it’s dishonest and disgusting.
As an aside – the blacks who dare be on the right side of the political spectrum ("race traitors")are regularly vilified and denigrated by the leftist establishmnet – JC Watts, Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas are but a few examples.

3. “Those same people have been alienated by McCain's choice…” What? Are you in your right mind Sir? The poor blacks who have been brainwashed, fed false hope and exploited as “booth fodder” by the Hollywood billionnaires were ALIENATED by McCain? Has there ever even been the sahde of a shadow of a havamina of a doubt that they would vote for that old McHack? Yet he crawled on his belly and humiliated himself at every turn just so not to appear to offend the heilige minorirties. How were they alianeted either McCain or Palin’s stupidity? (Interstingly, they haven’t been alienated from O’Bama by Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Wright, Oprah and scores of other stupid and hateful people who used them to advance Obama.)

4. “The right have done nothing but moan about media bias and Obama scare stories.” The right was forced out of this race very early in the primaries. The final match was played out between left and far-left. That the media was in for Obama from day one can be denied only by liars. How else can you explain the media’s refusal to report on Obama having accepted dozens of millions from wall street (read: poor people’s retirements and investmets) or releasing a tape of him approving of anti-Semitic drivel at a Moslem Jew-bash party (which was later dishonestly equated with McCain donating to a group including the same anti-Semite)?
But while we’re already at whining and moaning – who was stiffling all opposition by screams of racism at every turn? Everyone who dared question this arrogant narcissit was loudly barked down by the race police hounds. And you have the gall to say the “right” was moaning?

5. “am fed up of hearing Obama is a Muslim, a terrorist, a socialist, an Arab.” Really? I have a very easy cure to your sickness: do not read those comments! It’s easy! What is not easy is stopping to hear hear how wonderful, graceful, merciful, incredible, compassionate and charitable Obama is, how great his ideas and plans are. This is not confined to some message bords, but everywhere I turn this is what I see hear and smell - in the papers, music radio, TV - all over. Yet to date I haven’t heard a single coherent idea from him, except repeating the standard socialist textbook slogans such as “universal healthcare” and “taxing the rich”.
Incidentally, the elections were barely over when the media suddenly started sobering up, telling us that, nu, you know, that universal healthcare shouldn’t be taken exactly literally, because, nu, it’s practically impossible to implement, and also, you see, the troops, it’s a bit more complicated, and we shouldn’t really expect the troops back, and the economy too, although we may expect higher taxes when the Bush tax cuts expire, we shouldn’t really expect higher salaries or more jobs.
In fact, two of Obama’s most vocal supporters, Tom Brakaw and another clown were saying last night that in fact they know nothing about Obama, and that his CV is kinda short and foggy.

I of course don’t buy into the conspiracy theory that he was born oveseas and such. But the fact is that he is hiding his birth certificate.
And his baptism.
And his college records.
And his tax return.
And his medical record.
And his law firm record.
And his state senate records.
I’m not chas vesholem implying anything. But according to my experience people hide things only if they have something to hide.
Of course, the massive support and endorsements from terrorist organizations and the enemies of the USA mean nothing, but as an open minded compassionate Democrat who cares for his fellow humans, you should be understanding of wing nuts who believe that 9/11 actually happened, and was not perpetrated by the Mossad or Bush.

“the USA will swing to the left and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do about it” Not so fast, sweetheart. The ballot initiative indicates that we’re not moving SO far and SO fast to the left as you’d like. Whenever and wherever the people were given a voice, they have rejected homosexual marriage and affirmative action, even in far-left strongholds. And unlike the Repugnicans who conceded immediately, but the left is as usual rioting, threatening and suing. And don’t forget that it was a record turnout for the Republicans as well. Obama won with a slim margin – about 7M votes. That’s the same margin Bush won by in ’04 – without being the first this and first that, and without selling kosher snake oil. And don’t forget the unprecedneted sums spent here – Obamam outspent McCain 1:4 – much of this money came from the most dubious sources, far left radicals such as Soros, and CAIR and shady mosques in Brooklyn. So don’t be so sure of yourself.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

PS –
BTW, why are you so concerned about the Esse’s and Moshes of the world? Being that they are a tiny minority of fanatic wing nuts, they sure pose no threat to you. I would be much more worried about papers that invent stories such as the Jenin massacre or the Al-Dura murder, while refusing to report crimes such as the Newsome/Channon murders.

Why is the left constantly bringing up assassination? Are you planning anything or what? Because when Kahane was assassinated I remember outright glee and jubilation in Left Street, and when there was an assassination attempt on Cheney the leftists regretted that it was thwarted. The left’s heroes include Cromwell, Marat, Robespierre and Lenin – so whay the assassination hysteria?

Anonymous said...

Scribble scribble, mister Gibbon.

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

I love the data on your web site. Thanks a ton!

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