Monday, November 10, 2008


Saw the noted anti-Semite Jim Harris this past Saturday (hi Jim, you're looking unwell as usual). He was standing with Women In Black, which at Grandlake is composed mostly of sour Presbyterians and a few antiquated anarchists.
The East-Bay chapter of Women In Black sincerely treasure the half-a-dozen misguided Jewesses in their ranks, because these simple souls allow them to claim that they have nothing against Jews, why even their best friends etcetera, etcetera, etceblablatera.

One wonders how the one Jewish person in their line this past Saturday felt about being in the same place as Jim - he's quite rabid, and never at a loss for the wrong word. Perhaps she is the one who insisted that he stand apart, facing into the cross-street.

I was actually hoping she'd whack him over the head with her sign.

But that would probably have been considered an unnecessarily Jewish approach to his principled ideological stand. Not at all cricket. Not when you both oppose the existence of the state of Israel.


Jim Harris is the remarkably ignorant and unpleasant activist in charge of the Berkeley anti-Semites who call themselves the international solidarity movement (ISM). He can be recognized by a bad haircut, a vacant or unhappy expression, and a smoothly bagged double chin.

Sometimes, when he wants to make an intelligent impression, he writes under the name 'James Harris', but usually his screeds show up on indymedia under the moniker 'Tom Joad'.

The International Solidarity Movement, which also goes by the name of Stop AIPAC (substantially the same membership roster), is just one of the representatives of organized anti-Semitism in northern California. In addition to circulating all the usual falsehoods about Jews and Israel, and slamming the presence of any and all Jews in any political circles, they also create rumours about politicians that they feel are too close to Jewish causes. What they tried to say about Nancy Pelosi was virtually unprintable, and I shan't repeat it here.
Their main claim to fame is as actively involved supporters of terrorists and a cheering squad for murder. Jim Harris has a history of calling such acts justified and appropriate. In that he is hardly original.
But one would not expect originality from Jim Harris in any case, one is merely grateful that he is leaky as a sieve and should not be trusted with any information about planning at all. Jim just isn't intelligent.

Things have been said about his sexual habits that I am far too much a gentleman to parrot, even if they are true.

Stay tuned for personality reviews of Paul Larudee, Joseph Anderson, Ron (Ralph) Klein, Barbara Lubin, Hatem Bazian, and the Nakba Jews who tried to take over the JCC several months ago. It may take a while, because if you wade through a sewer you want to scrub down with a steel brush afterwards. Something which I fondly imagine Jim, Paul, or Joseph actually doing for pleasure.

Please note the new label: ESAU'S FAN CLUB. Appropriate, no?


Anonymous said...

Is he the chubby toad who shows up at some of these manifestations? Kind of a bloated pre-death corpse with a smirk?

I do believe I've seen him.

Reminds me of Shilpa's mother in low.

A cow. An unholy cow. Icky turd.

Hi Jim!

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Dude, you should write about Kinneret Israel and Kate Rafael Bender.

Now that last one mentioned, she's a real shtick werk. Poisonous, and dumber than a load of bricks. In addition to being a supporter of murder, violence, and random acts of destruction of personal property.

You should see the video of her.Seeing as she ain't doing time in the pokey, I figure she's got to be an FBI stooge. A plant and a pigeon.

---Grant Provocatel

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