Thursday, April 21, 2022


So it turns out that one of my favourite tobaccos is a sexist pig. A statement on the label reads: "for gentlemen only". What? No ladies? It's an outrage! Actually, though I've been smoking it off and on for very many years, I only just noticed it.

Broken flake.
Virginia with Perique, and the merest touch of Kentucky.

"For gentlemen only"

Perfectly suitable for a woman. Nuanced, reminiscent of fresh hay fields and summer fruits. Not a busy tobacco, nor overly complicated. A very good all day smoke for someone who is studying for an important test, or mentally preparing to defend her thesis againts a panel of sour old fruits. Medium bodied, minor hints of darkness. Slightly spicy, especially in the bottom half. Quite lovely.

Now manufactured under the Rattray brand for Kohlhase & Kopp by a factory somewhere in the wilds of Denmark. Charles Rattray's enterprise farmed the production of their tobaccos out to McConnells well before the war, and the entire McConnell portfolio ended up with K&K. Some of the things they put out under the Rattray label are ghastly products of very suspect Irish derivation that would appall Charles Rattray if he ever found out about them, as likely they would the pipe manufacturer whose house blends they allegedly were before K&K lost the contract. Brown Clunee is one of the original line-up, and remains a very solid smoke for respectable people. Ladies and gentlemen.
Lit up a full bowl around eleven o'clock. Good with that second cup of coffee. It would be a perfect rainy day smoke, but dammit, the sun is out, and the hail, thunder, and lightening, which they promised us, have not materialized. Oh well.

After a cup of milk tea and a pastry in Chinatown I'll probably have another bowl.


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