Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Today is 4/20. Pothead day. Which means that there will be depravity and moronic behaviour in some parts of the city, and the rest of us will be sadly shaking our heads and pulling out our tazers. Plus the pepper spray, cattle prods, and riot sticks.
Naturally, pizza parlours look forward to this day.
As do donut shops and candy stores.

I don't.

And by the way, the Grateful Dead suck bollocks.

Fortunately, other than the dissipated boulevardiers on Polk Street, who go all degenerate at the slightest opportunity, most people in this neighborhood are calm rational people with self control. So I don't expect the stench of marijuana to be too objectionable today, and given that I try to avoid Polk Street because of the huge number of idiots without masks and their dogs, it will have scant impact on my life. Early lunch in Chinatown, followed by the search for funky potato chip flavours that my partment mate has not tried yet.

I cannot see the point of a substance that for the duration of its effect lowers people's IQs so markedly. Many people out there are already idiots to begin with -- that explains their voting patterns and driving habits -- but today, they'll all be "special".
If anybody asks me what I've got in my pipe, I may end up grasping them firmly by their neck and disquisitioning on flue cured tobacco leaves pressed and aged, with very minor amounts of dark fired and Perique to augment the flavours, plus carotenoids, polyphenols, esters, and terpenoids.

Smoking pot is a profoundly anti-social act.

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