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Monday, September 04, 2017


People have urged me to put up more illustrations. "Your ideas", they say "would be better conveyed with photos". Admittedly these people are all spambots, and probably Russian, but the point is well taken.
Whatever I say, it requires pictures.
Of food.

A lovely illustration of the perfect breakfast. This painting by Pieter Claesz is at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Sriracha mayonnaise: what every Dutchman needs for his patat frites.

Chuchai bao, crisp-toasted with butter melting into it. A very Hong Kong snack to have with hot milk tea.

Vegan Hunan Dumplings. This is a horrible idea, and some white people should stay the heck out of the kitchen because they are frightful perverts with bad karma.

Sriracha. The rational man's condiment.

Two solid meters of 'Frietje Kapsalon' from Kwalitaria Bisschopshoeve in Breda, who will take care of all your breakfast needs.

Kaashuis Tromp at Utrechtsestraat 90 in Amsterdam. A very fine selection of cheese.

Haggis from The Caledonian Kitchen. Why?

Probably a good side dish for your haggis feast.

Making a bad idea much, much worse.

Scandinavian penguin licorice candies. Good.

Bad news: Piet Altena's legendary herring stand outside the Rijksmuseum is no more. The man was a national treasure.

Northern buns, such as President Xi eats.

This too is haggis. Some white people ...

The First Class Restaurant at Amsterdam Central Station.

Samba oelek ('sambal ulek'), which is what civilized life is based upon. Mother's milk to a Dutchman. If you live in North America, you should know that Sriracha chilisauce is both a variation and a replacement.
And made by the same wonderful factory.
Bless you, Mr. Tran.

If you are to lazy to make your own, this also works splendidly on your frikandel.

Chinese shaobing. Which you will probably not find in Chinatown.

Like the satay sauce and the spicy mayo, this is great on your frikandel.

There is no frikandel on this thali.

Swiss sauce, for marinating chicken. It can also be drizzled over as a condiment.

Another delightful looking thali. No frikandel.

Trump-o-muck. That is a form-fried taco shell with cooked ground beef and something tomato, plus cheese and sourcream. The source is something Trump tweeted. I'm not sure it's edible. Some white people ...

Some white people should stay the heck out of the kitchen because they are frightful perverts with bad karma.

[ 甜粽 ] Sticky rice, sweet red bean paste, bamboo leaves. Steam.

Most of these pictures were used previously to illustrate essays. All of the images were from the internet, and "saved as". Consequently they live on my hard drive. They were chosen at the time specifically for a purpose.
These show a curiosity about food, but also say something.
Herring, haggis, and hot sauce.
Condiment fixation.

Missing: spam - eggs - rice - hotsauce. Which is a great way to start the day when you get up late, and instead of hash browns, fried plantains ('tostones') are a good choice.

You know, nothing makes haggis edible.

Not even nutmeg.

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