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Saturday, September 09, 2017


Do not ask how I came to know this, but Pulsnitzer Spitzen are wedges of gingerbread with a layer of fruit confiture or egg liqueur cream in between, enrobed with dark chocolate. Which sounds quite delightful. But there is still no real reason to visit a former Sorbian settlement abutting Poland.
It is undoubtedly a charming place.
Still, no.

Cherries. Raspberries. Strawberries. Preiselbeere. And boozy egg-cream.

The proper season for gingerbread anything is autumn through the holidays, at which time parts of Europe have a beastly climate. Unless you are Canadian you will find that a bad time to travel there.

The first week in November there is a Pfefferkuchenmarkt.

An assiduous internet search yielded three recommended restaurants.

Kastanienweg 7,
01896 Pulsnitz, Sachsen, Deutschland
Telephone: +49-0-35955-43841

Konigsbrücker Straße 119,
01896 Pulsnitz, Sachsen, Deutschland
Telephone: +49 35955 7450

Julius-Kühn-Platz 2,
01896 Pulsnitz, Sachsen, Deutschland
Telephone: +49 35955 71106

To the best of my current knowldege there are no McDonalds located there, but there may be a pizza place, which is no doubt staffed by Turks who are going quietly insane. What the heck were they thinking?!?
Settling among savage Saxons and Sorbs.
In the far east, near Poland.
Aman tanrım!

On the plus side, one is unlikely to encounter Americans, Englishmen, or Australians there. And they could be a bit casual about no-smoking rules, seeing as stupid dictats from Brussels may strike them as Stalinist and puritanical.

You will probably have to take a train to get there, as the nearest flughafen is in Dresden. Both forms of transportation are komplett rauchfrei in any case, being under the baleful eye of grim German Eurocrats.

There are no tabakladen in Pulsnitz.
Bring your own supplies.

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