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Sunday, September 10, 2017


One of the truisms I heard several times today was that you can find death in five inches of water. This, it seems, was most particularly relevant to the flooding and storm surges brought by Hurricane Irma in Florida. Though of significantly less value as urgent information or warning in deepest Marin, where it was repeated.

Most of us have spent our whole lives not being face down in five inches of water without even trying. My own survival till now is largely because at no single time did I remain face down in five inches of water long enough for it to be a issue. That was just one subconscious strategy.
There have been others.

While Florida was getting a sprinkle, we sweltered. The heat came back. This blogger is presently wearing baggy boxers and a wife beater and nothing else. Parts of me that should not itch, itch.

"My blood is too thick for California: I have never been able to properly explain myself in this climate."
-----H. S. Thompson

A friend in Florida cheerily informed us that he has a sufficiency of alcohol, coconuts, and the possibility of instant noodles, as his approach to coping with five inches of water, and that as far as he was concerned that was a traditional and typical Floridan answer to hurricane-type problems.

I have little doubt that during the last presidential election he had recourse to the same shopping list, augmented perhaps with plywood for boarding up his house to keep the rioting zombies out.

It would not work here.

Such things only work in Florida.

Where there often is five inches of water.

I'm thinking of putting icecubes on top of all my chakras right now.

Cold wet chakras; traditional, and typically Californian.

Hä ... wir können hier nicht anhalten!

Das ist fledermausland.

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