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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Research shows that Arlington (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), and Buffalo (New York) are among the most hateful places in America. As a whole the southern states tend to be the most toxic, with Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana, being the worst. No, shan't show you my sources; if you take issue with this assertion that's probably because you're a dickhead.

Suffice to say I shall not visit anytime soon.

Similarly, I do not expect you to visit us.

San Francisco is not a nice place. Especially if you're one of "those" people. By which is meant folks from anywhere between the ridge-line of the Oakland hills and Queens. You vote wrong, your mom dresses you funny, and you eat too much. Plus you smell bad.

Crap starts in the Central Valley and keeps on going.
More than two thousand miles of it.

All of you: go home.

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