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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


A good friend and his lovely lady wish to institute the new tradition of 'durian Tuesday'. And I think that's a splendid idea! After all, the old saying "a durian each day keeps the doctor away" tells you something. Medical men know that a family that consumes durian is a happy household, and manifestly a healthy place.
They will stay away in droves.

Next week at the polling place we should celebrate democracy with durian. It's guaranteed to make voting a fondly festive occasion.
This will be HUGE!

It will be so happy.

My friend's wife forwards and article from The South China Morning post:

Durian on pizza, in curry crab and clay pot chicken: Hong Kong chefs get creative with ‘king of fruits’

"Thai Yuen, a Thai seafood restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, came up with several new dishes in May including durian curry fried crabs, durian cheese baked big-head shrimp, durian cheese deep-fried spring roll and Thai durian fried rice."

"Thai Yuen’s chef Yodchai Sribuaban says the creamy and soft flesh of durian makes the fruit an ideal ingredient in various dishes."

"In Thai Yuen’s version of deep-fried spring roll, cheese is mixed with durian. In one bite, diners get crunch (from the fried wrapper), melting, stretchy cheese and soft and creamy durian."


For several years running, I staged a durian event once a year. The first year it was at the South Philly Cheesesteak, where they asked me to leave, whereupon I went to an Indonesian restaurant, where the Chinese owner's teenage American-born daughter promptly left and waited for three hours in the car for the restaurant to close. I particularly remember that, because leotard tops were fashionable that year, and she looked very nice.

The time at the computer company was also memorable. The Facilities Manager got a lot of exercise running. At Sam's on Broadway, Louisiana Tony abstained from beer because of durian.
Mr. Naguib was bowled over.

At an Italian Restaurant out in the avenues they were so impressed they entirely forgot to charge me for my pizza (I went back the next day to square the bill), and the Bart ride with durian was "enormous".
Durian is the Donald Trump of fruits.

Sid and Kristen: good luck with that proposal.
It's a wonderful concept, it will succeed.
Tuesday will never be the same.

It is lovely.

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