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Monday, November 07, 2016


Apparently I have a filthy mind. My apartment mate asked if it was true that men went bananas whenever they saw big naked breasts. Please note that she neither has large mammaries, nor was in way the subject of an event that involved the fullest of full frontal. But she had heard.

I explained that many men did not have the capacity to resist zeppelins, possibly because it reminded them of their mothers or Carol Doda, but because I live in San Francisco and I have already seen lots of large real estate, heck I've even seen Carol Doda, big boobalicious mammaries, of any and every tint and texture, have totally no effect on me.
I do not have an inner caveman to coddle.

And I could prove it. Go ahead, show me breasts of ANY size. From terror-inducing humongousness, quivering like wet concrete, to golf ball sized, whether freckled or plain. Why, make sure that there's a full spectrum, several score, of every possible hue and size.
I am up for the challenge.

She told me to fercrapsakes stop patting myself on the back.
It was far too suspicious when I did that.
Rather obscene, in fact.

Honestly, random naked breasts don't do anything for me.

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