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Thursday, November 24, 2016


It pleases me no end that one of the criteria that brings readers to this page from all over the world is hamsap. Hamsap is the word that describes the secret life of the average male, in the eyes of the average female.

The average male appreciates female beauty. Which outrages the average female, who thinks that this is plenty disgusting of him. He's a pig, animalistic, a deviant, a brute, a hamsaplo (鹹濕佬).

To which his reaction is often "huh, what?"

He was staring, and didn't hear you.


Haam (鹹) means savoury or salty, such as salt fish ('haam yu' 鹹魚) or a lovely steak, but also frowsty or sweaty, like perspiration, a white person, or unwashed clothes. Someone who is unwashed, moist, or greasy, has 'haam chau mei' (鹹臭味), meaning a "salt stink".
Haam also means randy.

Sap (濕) means moist, damp, wet, humid. A wet spot on the floor, rain puddles, gravy, and juices dripping from a roast duck; all of this is 'sap'.
Yam sap (陰濕 "dark and moist") eloquently describes wickedness.

Haamsap (鹹濕) expresses the greasy oily sweaty characteristic of perverts and degenerates. A haamsaplo (鹹濕佬) is the male person thus afflicted. The Northern expression 好色 ('hou sek'; "good colour", to love hues, lustfilled) does not quite convey the oomph.

Humsup is a males-only quality.


淫 ('yam') generally speaking describes licentiousness, wickedness, lewd behaviour, sexuality, and more or less some pretty nasty stuff.
Pronounced 'yin'/'yim' it is also a surname.
陰 ('yam') is the yin of yin and yang; the female principle, darkness, wetness, the shadow side of the hill.
色膽 ('sik daam') literally means colour and gall bladder.
Figuratively it indicates a bold sexual appetite.


The gentleman can find something admirable about any woman.
A beautiful intellect is very sexy.
So is a smile.

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