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Sunday, November 13, 2016


For several days in a row people have been protesting the election of Trump. And the obvious defectiveness of their fellow Americans outside the Bay Area. Oh, the outrage!

Naturally their petulance has not gone unnoticed.

The rest of the country is giggling.

Tittering, even.

Clearly, democracy is not the solution, what this world needs is a benevolent dictatorship by highly educated righteous people.

As well as more broken plate glass and trash can fires on Telegraph Avenue and Broadway in Oakland.

While I have absolutely no clue what my fellow liberals hope to achieve by these tantrums, I can only approve of destruction in Oakland. Oakland assuredly deserves this, and Oakland is the best place for broken glass.
Destructive mobs are in fact the signature of Oakland, the place wouldn't be the same without them, even though most of the rioters are either Berkeley college students or white teenagers from the suburbs.

All true San Franciscans support vandalism across the Bay.
Show your spirit, Oakland, set fires in the recyclables!
Destroy retail businesses in your downtown!
Shake your fisties in righteous fury.
It's the correct thing to do.

To my fellow liberals in San Francisco, I agree with you that tromping around in the empty Financial District after dark shouting incomprehensibly is a VERY good way of effecting change.
It makes the capitalist ruling class quake in their very boots; bourgeois running dogs world wide are fearful and attentive of your anger.

And it's stupendously sexy.

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