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Monday, November 07, 2016


Earlier today somebody said that it was typically Dutch of me, in fact to be expected, and a good characteristic. What he meant was my ex-girlfriend, about whom I boasted that she got two degrees and put herself through college. He praised me because she was Chinese, and as a Dutchman naturally I valued such things.
Her hard work. And putting herself through college.
Such exemplary Chineseness is very Dutch.
He wasn't surprised at all.


By the same token, I suppose that her having a bearded pipe-smoking Dutchman as an ex-boyfriend is very Chinese of her. In fact, many Chinese females appreciate the sheer Dutchness of being valued for hard work and studiousness by bearded pipe-smokers, which is a very Dutch thing.

Leastways something the Dutch excel at.
That valuing bit, to be precise.

There must be sheer oodles of Chinese American women with Dutch American ex-boyfriends. And surely that has to mean that here in the San Francisco Bay Area there are any number of Dutch American men.
Pipesmoking unattached Dutch American men.

If not presently ex, soon to be.

No wonder I never have a date for Friday night.
It's all that competition out there.
Other Dutchmen.

I am a Dutch American. She is a Chinese American.
I esteem her stubborn perseverance.
Together we are ex.

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