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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Earlier this evening I described my little Facebook echochamber as ""rabbinic types, regular-ass Jews, Asians, Dutch speakers, pipe smokers, gays, a few black folks, and at most only one or two Trumpites besides the whitebread. Relatives are included in the whitebread. To the best of my knowledge, (there are) no space aliens or time travellers."

Facebook friends hastened to assure me that at least one of them was a Muslim (there are actually a few), one of them was a gay Dutch-speaking pipe smoker, one of them felt like he was in good company, and one of them asserted that he was a kangaroo f***ing Australian.

There are also a few cigar smokers.

Anyhow, this brings up Venn diagrams. Which not only are one of my all-time favourite categorizational concepts, but also describes what I had for dinner this evening.

Which was:

Ovo vegetarian.

Fried food.

Noodle dish.

Significant vegetable content.

Half-assedly and arguably kosher, sort of.

Crunchy bits.

Chinese and Indonesian and Dutch.

What makes it only half-assedly and arguably kosher (sort of, and very iffy) is that none of the vessels, utensils, or surfaces, were kashered, and there is no mashgiach in my kitchen, as there would have to be, given that the person doing the cooking is not Jewish. These are conscious oversights.

Part of the Venn diagram on Facebook could eat my food. Part of them could not. Both among those who could, and those who could not, there are those who would enjoy it, and those who would not.

To the very best of my knowledge, none of them are Vegans.
Perhaps there are a few among the cigar smokers.
It isn't something I'll worry about.

One of the ingredients was 芥蘭, another was 關廟油麵。
It was exquisite.
As many Venn diagrams are.

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