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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It's amazing what you can find out about yourself when you take stupid clickbait quizzes. Such as the ones some of my Facebook friends are addicted to.

Number one: my spirit animal is a raccoon, nature's little fratboy.

Number two: What kind of woman are you?

You are like music! People have to really listen to you in order to understand you. You're a cheerful person whose good mood is infectious. Just be who you are and you'll see how you make men's hearts simply melt. You're an absolute dream woman!

So wow. I am a dream woman. I never would have guessed. Maybe in an alternate universe, where I am also petite, round-faced with glasses, and have uncontrollable floppity-woppity hair.

And am a different gender.

That last part may seem crucial, but I really like the answer anyway.

And I shall revel in my internet-spurred dreamwomanhood.

I am everything I would like to date.

Kissy poo.

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