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Monday, April 25, 2016


"Currently, a settlement between the offenders and stall owners is being negotiated." Well, that hardly seems satisfying. The offenders get away with being yobbos, and humiliating a defenseless person. Can we instead just get them to pay for everything they destroyed, plus some, and then kick their heads in?

Because clearly they are scum. Infinitely replaceable. Yeah, their moms love them and are proud of their many accomplishments -- any damned accomplishments at all -- but most mothers are a little soft that way, and Chinese moms are far too often the worst, rabidly and insanely so.
When sonny boy shits in his pants, it's an act of genius!
Chinese parents and their sons are a nightmare.
Daughters? Just baggage.


"The incident which took place on Thursday, was caught on camera by a bystander, who told Chinese reporters that the unidentified man and his friend, were allegedly demanding compensation from the hawker for selling him the wrong bun flavour.
In a rage, the two men started to trash the stall and kicked the basket of buns onto the ground. One of the men then started to stomp on all the buns while hurling verbal abuse at a woman, while his accomplice stood by and watched."
End quote.

[SOURCE: Man stomps on hawker's steamed buns, netizens demand justice.]

That's brutality, as well as destruction of property and interfering with someone's livelihood. It would not be at all surprising if the son-of-a-bitch was the brat of someone important. And really, there are far too many of those.

Look at that arrogant stance and that flabby gut. It's highly likely that he hasn't done a day's honest work in his entire life. If his daddy isn't an official, he's probably just the neighborhood hoodlum, and shakes down the local grannies and schoolkids for beer money.

Of course, if his daddy IS an official, then there's an even greater chance that he's just a thug and a brute. It's damned well guaranteed.

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