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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Two new problems in our electronicized world. Specifically, problems that cause a good old-fashioned pain in the derriere.

ONE: Twitter stalking, harassing, trolling, and doxing. This is not entirely uncommon, but a woman in Illinois has turned it into a savage-bitch artform. Yes of course she's a Republican.

TWO: cell-phone blackmail; the victim is informed his (or her) phone was used to view smut that involved the under-aged, and that he (or she) needs to pay up pronto or the authorities will be contacted.

This blogger is quite free of such irritations.

I am no twit, I do not tweet, and have never twittered. I do not own a cell-phone at present, as there is no need for me to have one.

"But what if someone desperately needs to contact you", I hear you ask, "what then?" Well, there's always e-mail. A difference of a few hours does not make any difference. If I am not near a land line, there ain't gonna be a whole heck-of-a-lot that I can do, no matter what the emergency is, or how "urgent" the perception thereof may be at that time.
Really, you should rely on e-mail.

"What if you're in transit?"

I am flattered, and not a little aghast, that you assume that I can save the world or effect miracles while heading across the bridge.
Try sending me psychic messages instead.
Or just e-mail me, and wait.

I honestly cannot think of a single benefit to having a cell-phone.

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