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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Sometime last year I wrote a post about the superiority of pipes to cigars. As such things do, the comment string rapidly devolved into something else.

Some comment strings (elsewhere) eventually prompt accusations that a previous commenter is Adolf Hitler.

On many Jewish blogs, the longer a comment string, the greater the chance of a Monty Python reference.

Here, someone will bring up penguins, wombats, or brassieres.....

e-kvetcher wrote:
"Need more coffee this morning. I read "When I was thirteen years old, I bought my first briar" as "When I was thirteen years old, I bought my first bra".

Stopped in my tracks."

I have yet to buy my first bra. What with being a man, and not at all perverted.

I responded:
"Scene from a favourite manga novel: young lady goes to buy her first bra. Is extremely self-conscious and goes into panic when the saleslady offers her help. Grabs the most visible item, pays for it, and bolts.
It is large enough for basketballs.
Which, when she gets home, she realizes she does not have."

Two days ago, there was a new comment there.

Bra-less in Milwaukee said:
"I was thirteen years old when I bought my first bra. I often wonder what happened to it. I should have had it bronzed."

Two things immediately come to mind: 1) the time is ripe for a poll among my readers, asking how old they were when they bought their first brassiere, and 2) bra-bronzing is both a perverted concept as well as a potential business opportunity.

I shall pursue neither road. The first because it crosses the boundary between discreet courtesy and the dark side of degeneracy, the second because even in San Francisco there would not be much call for that.

We encourage people to get in touch with breasts.

Their own or someone else's.

Ask first.

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