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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


On my way to the bus I pass by two locales where tykes congregate, those being places where adults may warehouse their goobers in the care of concerned minders for the better part of a day. No, I doubt that either child care centre has cattle prods on the premises, as those are hardly ever necessary when the subject is under six, and has not been encouraged to be a whiny demanding violent brat.

Naturally I wonder what happened to the brutish children.

Where are they?

That they exist is something of which I am certain, as I have seen them on the bus, and in stores and food places, usually tormenting a parental white person of upper middle-class type, who may or may not be artistic.
Or, if they are Chinese, demanding the attention of an adult in Mandarin. The latter type are usually male, pudgy, and utterly repulsive.
Small white brutes can be of either gender.

You don't see very many small black brutes. Black parents have a habit of not tolerating precious behaviour.

"Boy, do I need to use my belt?!?"

These are generalizations, of course, and everybody can think of tonnes of examples that contradict everything I just said.
As, indeed, the two nearby child care centres mentioned in the first paragraph show: happy kids who do not screech and seem properly socialized.

If any of those children are to become horrid, it will not happen till they start going to school.

At some distant point in time, strange hair styles and highly individualist tattoos may crop up, along with acts of juvenile misbehaviour that prove they should have been spanked.

I am also reminded of a young Cantonese American product I have observed on several occasions over the last few months. He is probably in his mid teens, and his hair is dyed a shocking yellow. No, he is not a juvenile delinquent, and there is no indication that he will be, despite the rude hair. He does not appear to be a spoiled and over-indulged rebel likely to run afoul of the law. But I suspect that we will hear of him at some point; he's giving every indication of being far too clever by half.
If I were his age, I should resent him, while being enormously envious.
Actually, I envy him enormously anyhow.

He's found a way to surround himself with bright sparkly girls.

He does that by coaching them in volley ball. How to bounce the ball back and forth, punch it over the net, pass, and keep it airborne. When he interacts with them he is friendly, sincere, helpful, courteous, and completely non-patronizing.

I wish I had thought of that at that age.

He'll probably go far.

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