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Saturday, April 23, 2016


What did we learn from London mayor Boris Johnson's little editorial indiscretion yesterday? Well, if you have been reading the internet comments, you learned that Europeans (that includes the British) still hate the United States. Which should not surprise you.

Fortunately there aren't very many of those types around these parts.
Other than the tourists, of course. Who are always displeased to find that San Francisco is filled with Americans.

The good news is that they have finally realized that people who aren't white are also American. It took them an immensely long time, and they still refuse to acknowledge that their own black, brown, yellow-ochre, or purple fellow citizens over there are English. Or Dutch, or German, French, Spanish, Italian, what have you.

But yes, non-white "Americans" are also American.

Acknowledging that is might white of them.

They deserve a Happy Meal now.

This blogger actually likes Euries, but sometimes they can be a bit trying.

I lived there for sixteen years during my youth, and for the last decade of that period there was not a day that they let me forget that I wasn't normal, and had killed the Native Americans, nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and was slaughtering the Vietnamese.

And that Americans were Satan incarnate.

No, I don't hold that against them, it's human nature to dislike whatever is strange and foreign. And I still like going over there, to eat the good food, admire the beautiful buildings, and suck up the culture.

I'm just disappointed every time to discover that the place is filled with Europeans.

That really cheapens the entire experience.

Most Elvis impersonators are European.
How very odd.

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