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Monday, April 11, 2016


All dictatorships fundamentally manifest the same vulgar brutalism that destroys everything most valuable in society. Which is why their citizens, once escaped, will often seem strangely a-kilter and dysfunctional.
They have not known civilization in a finer form, their mental cutlery is not fit for that meal, and their senses have not developed.
Sometimes it takes decades to adapt.

No, I shall not say which countries come to mind; some of them still exist as such.

With the rise of cretins such as Trump, and the mean and miserable version of America that he represents, we ourselves risk becoming precisely like those nations.


A four year presidential term does not seem like a long time. But the rule of Saint Reagan laid the groundwork for Bush One ("senior"), and Bush One eventually brought us another Bush ("junior"). We're still dealing with the raw wounds of the second Bush presidency, and have barely touched the scar-tissue of Bush One or his demented mentor Ronnie.
Ronald Reagan's first term became a second.
Four gangrenous years.
Four more.


The damage that loathsome man could cause would set us back a century. And, judging by the rhetoric coming out of the regressive states, we are already on that path.

Obscene terms to remember: Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, W. Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, and gorhelpus Louisiana.
Civilization is finite; it does not extend that far.
Here dysfunction rules.

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