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Sunday, April 03, 2016


My apartment mate, who is a slim snarky female of Cantonese ancestry who was born in San Francisco, sometimes asks questions which are not, strictly speaking, relevant. Mentioning that she is slim is, in this case, a necessary detail, as will become apparent.
I've mentioned before that I dare not roast a rabbit, or stew or braise one, because she would object fiercely. Her brothers owned rabbits, and she has such a soft spot for the beasties because of that, that she can not possibly conceive of anyone eating them.

A long time ago, we were a couple. Now we're just friends. But the lapin restriction still holds, and for apartmental harmony as well as my own safety I shall not disobey. Even though I really want to.

Stewed rabbit in mustard sauce is yummy.

Can't eat hamsters either.
She had pet hamsters.
Three of them.

"Did you know that hamsters like musical theatre? Particularly 'Oklahoma'?"

"Did you know that three (!) hamsters once fell asleep on the stomach of a plump girl in Chinatown, rising slowly up and down as she listened to Rodgers and Hammerstein.?"

Plump? Plump?

My apartment mate sometimes imparts information that startles or surprises. That she was a plump girl growing up is something I would not normally consider. She is small-boned, and has very narrow hands. The mental image of her lying down with three hamsters on her belly is...., well...., "interesting".

She also informs me that hamsters have cute hands and feet, lovely whiskers, and always look hopeful. Their ears fold when they sleep.

She's still extremely fond of hamsters.

Me, not nearly the same.

Having grown up reading Beatrix Potter stories, Wind in the Willows, and several other animal-centric books, some set in forested or country environments, I cannot help but like small furry creatures.

Albeit not as far as dinner is concerned.

Unless their hands are adept enough to handle utensils.
Being able to eat properly is very important.

Handling utensils appropriately is likewise important for larger creatures. Which, of course, is why you never invite the golden retriever or the cats to the table, let alone the chimpanzees.

Besides, they will not share the fish.

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