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Sunday, April 10, 2016


This blogger is baffled and tormented by all the constipated groaning this early in the morning. It is most unseemly!

Mind you, I did not ask whether there was any actual constipation.

Because I did not really want to know.

When the headsheep asked me for money to pay his bookie, and said that if he didn't pay up his egg would be broken, I severely questioned him. Who was this bookie, and what did he sound like.

Well, he talked funny and mentioned a banana plantation.

I told him that no cash would be forthcoming (it's my wallet, I'm sure you remember), and then went and threatened the monkey that if he kept trying to extort money from the other roomies, very bad things would happen. Like a drying up of the banana supply, as were it a plague upon the earth, all bananas dead, no bananananananas ever again!
Just stop, you disreputable simian!

Now both the head sheep and the one-legged monkey are groaning as if they were permanently plugged up. There is no money they will get!
Oh woe. Woe woe woe!

Life is not fair. That's simply how it is. Deal with it.

I don't care that you are disappointed.

I am trying to ignore them.

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