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Wednesday, April 06, 2016


One of the main sources of funding for the terrorists is the informal money transfer system used by immigrants who do not trust legitimate routes for sending moolah to their kinfolk in certain parts of the world which are on the other side of our diplomatic and financial reach.

America's fearless Republican fuhrer intends to create the same unregulated network for Latin America.

That's free enterprise for you; creating yet another opportunity for criminals.

Like our failed war on drugs, and Congressional corruption.


[Picture lifted from BBC.]

Mexicans, of course, are displeased with the Trumpistas plan to stop all transfers of money until Mexico pays for a wall, and Vicente Fox has used strong language to voice valid criticisms of Donald Trump.

On the face of it, it's a stupid idea.

Methinks that Mexico need not worry. Even the Trump hotel and casino empire cannot survive without Mexicans, and Yanqui agriculture will wither when there are no workers.

We Norte-Americanos are not prepared to spend fifty dollars on a head of lettuce, or twenty dollars for the processed tuna and mayonnaise to dump on it.

Instead, we'll simply find ways to smuggle in our food from someplace where those items can be grown or produced affordably.

Like Mexico.

Mexicans are far more worthwhile as residents of San Francisco than all those damned new arrivals from all the other states, and, unlike them, are not arrogant, seldom drunk and abusive in public, and work like maniacs. If all we got was Mexicans, admittedly those merchants of expensive sh*t in Union Square would suffer, as would sellers of designer shmatte, but hot damn, the city would thrive.

The only problem would be that there would be many more colourful and exciting neighborhoods for the rich white e-commerce yuppies to move into, and consequently ruin.

Either that or we'd attract an army of Redneck locusts.

Without Mexicans, work will NOT get done, and the United States economy would collapse.

We should need more prisons just to stay afloat.

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