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On the internet, there is always someone looking for underwear. Not, as you might innocently expect, a person who is finally running out of the boxer shorts or tidiwhities his mom used to buy for him at the Dollar Store, but a depraved Pakistani who has discovered Japanese graphic novels.
Late at night in Lahore cruising the twisted side of the web.

Shortly after dinner. Possibly it was something tasty. Kadhai gosht, murgh makhni, aloo saag, a lovely mutton biriani, or even hari mirch ka salan in the fashion of Hyderabad.

Nothing says post-prandial digestive ease better than contemplating someone else's underwear.

If you are a depraved Pakistani.

Or, perhaps, one of the elderly men I deal with on a daily basis.
In a way, I am a babysitter for old coots.

Fortunately none of the glandered old fossils I work with have found my blog by searching the internet for "difference between bikini briefs and French cut", which is how the young Pakistanis came here.
I once wrote a short, neutral, and not at all objectionable essay about that, based on sound knowledge, research, and experience.
It's a long story. Don't ask.

Kadhai gosht, murgh makhni, aloo saag, biriani ...

Basically, it's the same way I eventually became an expert on North Indian and Pakistani food. Like all the dinner items mentioned above. As well as regional and ethnic dishes from that area. Such as dhansak, Parsi rice, margi na farcha, Goan vindaloo, prawn patia, and curried etcetera.
Shukto, shak, bhaja, macher jhol, chatni, sondesh.

[Almost all of them excellent with a little achar.]

Sadly, I haven't had Indian or Pakistani food in a long time. All of the restaurants nearest my apartment are nasty dhabbas run by unclean people, with overmuch snoot, and a culinary talent deficit. Besides, such things require dining companions, so that a lot can be sampled.

I rarely cook such things at home.

More often South East Asian.

And Southern Chinese.

But with chilies.

No idea what I am having for dinner tonight. Something simple. Afterwards, unlike depraved Pakistanis, I will not be thinking of underwear.

Parsi-style Fried Chicken

Eight pieces of chicken.
Two large eggs.
A little ginger and garlic, mashed smooth.
Two or three hot green chilies ditto.
One cup lightly toasted bread crumbs.
One TBS plain white flour.
Half TBS cayenne.
One Tsp. ground coriander.
One Tsp. ground cumin.
Pinch ground clove.
Pinch ground cinnamon.
Dash of Worcestershire sauce.
Dash of vinegar.
Dash of salad oil.

Mix everything except the chicken, eggs, and breadcrumbs.
Slash the chicken pieces deeply, thoroughly coat the chicken with the mixture, then refrigerate for several hours.

Beat the egg whites frothy, mix in the yolks. Dip each piece of chicken in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs. Fry each side till done, then do the other side. Drain on paper towels.

Bon appétit!

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