Saturday, January 06, 2018


Yesterday started with a grumpy young Cantonese woman, and ended with her sulky sister. Seeing as I made use of an internet cafe which, apparently, exists for the bad tempered daughters of the family to earn some money and stay out of trouble. But they're probably really nice when they don't have to deal with a whole bunch of white guys who are eccentric and malodorous, and do not spend enough on caffeinated beverages.

I am not one of those.

Yet after two cups of coffee while internetting there in the morning, and two at night when I returned, I very well could be. I started the day with two cups at home, had two cups of Hong Kong Milk Tea in Chinatown in the afternoon while eating lunch and shopping, and then coffee at home.
Before heading back to the internet cafe.

That equates to "high as a kite".
Just about twirling.

That was a Friday well-spent. Lunch was in the Bermuda Triangle of pork chops (an area in Chinatown where three restaurants within less than a block of each other do lovely variations on that theme), after which while wandering around with my pipe I witnessed a young white gentleman heaving his guts out on the sidewalk. Which, if you think about it, is a totally tourist thing. When I was in London I saw the same, and likewise several times in Amsterdam. When young white people are not at work during the day they may be over-indulging.

A spot of food would have been wise. Empty guts heave painfully.

This blogger is a strong advocate of temperate behaviour. No booze before evening, and then not enough to upset the stomach, inflame the humours, excite the gout, or render one insensate. No chainsmoking. No pot or other drugs. No chronic masturbation or a diet of junk food.
The occasional porkchop is splendid.

The headmaster of my grammar school once explained that when he was in his final years of teachers training college, he was encouraged to smoke cigars, maybe one or two a week, because doing so showed common sense and sound judgement. Smoking cigarettes, on the other hand, was a clear indication of doubtful proclivities, and strongly discouraged.
Cigarette smokers were on the path to ruin.
And probably deviants.

He would have disapproved of intoxication before dark.
But as a Dutchman, he might have been used to it.
It happens when people are bored and stupid.
As many young men are.

Kindly leave your puddles at home.

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