Saturday, January 20, 2018


Yesterday afternoon I wandered around with my groceries and a pipe filled with tobacco. Lunch had been cheap and fabulous -- pork siumai (豬肉燒賣 'chyu yiuk siu mai'), chive dumpling (韭菜餃 'gau choi gaau'), spinach dumpling (菠菜餃 'po choi gaau'), and potstickers (鍋貼 'wo tip'), all drizzled liberally with fried pepper oil (辣油 'laat yau') -- and the pipe was filled with one of Greg Pease's lovely mixtures.

So far, so good.


. . .

Raynaud syndrome.

A shocking death-pallor in the fingers. No bloodflow, tingly numbness.
Brought on by cold (!) temperatures.

Per Wikipedia:

The primary treatment is avoiding the cold. Other measures include the discontinuation of nicotine or stimulants use. Medications for treatment of cases that do not improve include calcium channel blockers and iloprost. Little evidence supports alternative medicine. Severe disease may rarely be complicated by skin sores or gangrene.

About 4% of people have the condition. Onset of the primary form is typically between ages 15 and 30 and occurs more frequently in females. The secondary form usually affects older people. Both forms are more common in cold climates. It is named after the French physician Maurice Raynaud, who described the condition in 1862.

[End cite.]

See that? The PRIMARY treatment is avoiding the cold. Which, because smokers in this bitch of a city are chased out into the elements, is utterly impossible. And while avoiding Starbucks is easy, because they suck, one still requires hot beverages. The more so to warm up the hands which are freezing because you folks forced us all into the howling snowdrifts.

You heartless mothers want me to die of gangrene, is it?
Do-gooder health nut scum.

Just for that, I'm not telling you where any of the tasty stuff (豬肉燒賣,韭菜餃,菠菜餃,鍋貼,辣油) can be got.

The fried pepper oil is exquisite.

Please rest assured that any children passing by were VERY impressed by how cool and exciting the whole process of tamping and puffing looked, as well as the dashing beauty of it all, and were suitably awe-struck. They will emulate us hip tobacco fiends when they get old enough to fake legal age, and because you banned flavoured tobacco, they will have no choice but to start with the good stuff: high quality English mixtures or Virginia blends that might contain Perique, with their old-timey fragrances.
The smells that bring back memories.

If any young person were to ask me what I'm smoking, I'll be sure to tell them, and how they can get their anxious little hands on some.

BTW: I don't smoke outside during school hours.
But only when I'm airing out the apartment.
Before the other occupant comes home.

Many little kiddies saw it.
It was fascinating!
Oh my, a pipe!



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Austin and Diana said...

I need some of that &^&%$%^@*_@#$ with a little fried chili oil !

The back of the hill said...

Yes. Yes you do. It's delicious!

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