Friday, January 05, 2018


Seeing as the home computer is acting wanky -- scratch that, it's not acting at all, what with being a dead computer, gone to meet its maker, pushing up the daisies, joined the choir invisible, etcetera -- my internet access is at a place which charges fifteen cents a minute, where the counter person is a bad-tempered small Cantonese female, and the street view brings zombies and other wrecked ramblers into view, some of whom will try to come in.
Which explains why the small Cantonese female is bad-tempered.

But she is very effective at discouragement.
So this adventure has promise.

And, because it's a coffee shop, I'm on my third cup already. So I am a bit jittery, perhaps not quite sane. A quick scan of the BBC website seemed to indicate that people are discussing the mental health of iguanas and that President Donald Trump keeps falling out of trees.

I worry about the iguanas.

On the way over I finished the cigar which I had started during my second cup of coffee. A robusto shape by Macanudo. The Inspirado White line of smokes has an aged Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper of a classic even hue, silky to the touch. The filler is Estelí (Nicaragua) and San Andrés (Mexico). Mild-medium, complex, and even-burning.
Like with all cigars, if you are married your wife will send you to the back of the yard to freeze your nuts off when you smoke. Here in San Francisco, enjoying a cigar on the street triggers people.

Smoking is prohibited within a certain distance from all doors, windows, vents, air-intakes, bus shelters, hysterics, vegans, and heffalumps.
So unless you live here, don't visit.
It's a dump.

Our Draconian health Nazi rules are pretty extensive.

"Smoking only 1) at the curb, or 2) if no curb, at least 15 ft. from exits, entrances, operable windows, and vents"

[SOURCE: Neurotic Bullpucky.]

On the other hand, please feel free to litter, set discarded Christmas trees on fire, and defecate in public, because we'll do diddly-squat about that, and it's all free expression anyway.

Come to think of it, tourists do that all the time.
So do hipsters and drunken tech-bros.

I shall have a fourth cup of coffee.

Another reason why the small Cantonese female is bad-tempered might be that she wishes she could smoke a cigar. I shan't trigger her by loading my pipe while she's watching, or lighting up within her sight when I leave.
Because I am a sympathetic sort, and I commiserate.

She should move to Kansas City, Missouri.
It's a more liberal environment.
They have tobacco.


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The back of the hill said...

The home computer is working again. Sort of.

Crashes regularly, so I save often, and frequently 'restore page'.

Keeping the angry internet cafe in reserve.

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