Monday, January 29, 2018


During tomorrow's State of the Union Address, all eyes will be on an impossibly busty blonde and her orange-faced lover. And several of us will frankly admit that we more keenly await her analysis than any pundits', because she is more familiar with the pudgy-fingered one's thought processes than the standard Washingtonian commentators.
Who are "textbook, and generic".

Now, if anybody thinks I am referring to our very respected president, the leader of the greatest democracy on earth, example for millions struggling to breathe free, they have a dirty mind.

Far be it from me to speculate about his sleazy sexual shenanigans.

Or any of his sleazy shenanigans.

Or Stormy Daniels.

" ... porn star --- $130,000 before the election ..."

Like many people, I had never heard of Ms. Daniels till about a week or two ago. I do not move in rarefied circles. But I'm sure that precisely like Paris Hilton's insides the cognoscenti were quite familiar.

She will not be present anywhere near the State of the Union speech, as she's been invited onto the Jimmy Kimmel show.
Which is much more important.

Rumour has it that Steve Bannon will be lurking about Washington D.C., however, possibly with a Luger P08 or Walther P38 in his shoulder holster, trying to dodge Jews and Freemasons while he visits a former employer.

BTW: Donkey Rump's sleazy sexual shenanigans have already yielded remarkable results: several offspring, Christians creaming in their panties, bigly, AND the Russians are now closer to us than ever before.

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