Thursday, January 25, 2018


They're all kind of nuts, but mostly harmless. Except for their mouths.
They had all gone up to Las Vegas for buddy-buddy stuff, bunking together, stripper-poles, cigars, and hail-fellow-well-met intoxication, and they came back chastened, but without incriminating video tapes.
As someone who did not go explained, "they have short attention spans".
Which is true; most of them can't remember what they ate for lunch.
So I'm guessing they forgot to press the 'on' switch.
Or buy batteries before the flight.

Besides, no one really wants to see pudgy middle-aged suburbanites behaving badly. Or any fleshy suburban vintage, really. I envision all of them needing a "Little Dromedary Personal Mobility Scooter" in another twenty years or so, plus help peeing.

Their greatest energy expenditure, and pretty much the only exercise all of them get, is disagreeing with each other, often over minor matters, and stuff they know nothing about.

Hence the following overheard this afternoon:

"I think everyone will disagree with that stupid statement."

"You have too much confidence in them. Sorry."

No, I did not bother to ask what that was all about. I have no doubt the statement was indeed stupid. These men were trying to make a case for creationism two weeks ago, and are still talking about Benghazi. No wonder the dog that accompanies one of them always looks at me with desperation in her eyes. She's heard the same nonsense from this crowd for months and had to endure their lack of intellect every day. She has a very soulful expression on her face whenever we make eye-contact.

All I can do for her is give her a cookie.

She doesn't smoke, so no cigar.

Nor a cocktail either.

No hands.


It's currently forty five minutes past one o'clock in Hong Kong. All day long, the South China Coast has been fifteen hours ahead of us. Aside from slightly warmer temperatures, the weather is much like the Bay Area at present. And also sort of rainy.

But they are fifteen hours ahead.

We'll never catch up.

If I had mentioned this to the men in the lounge, they would have disagreed with me. Without bothering to check anything, because, after all, someone has to be wrong. They are convinced of that.

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