Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The other evening I saw clickbait that offered to guess my age, based on my Facebook photos. So of course, being a gullible sort, I took the test.
It's ridiculous.

According to them, I'm twenty eight.


You're 28 years old!
Your photos tell us that you're 28 years old and already working your dream job. The only thing missing right now is the right person, as you're single and searching for the true love of your life. To give your luck a bit of a boost, you change profile pictures more often than your underwear and retouch them so much, that you could compete with any top model.

You know, there's just so much off kilter with that that I can't find words for it. I am not even anywhere near that age, and my dream job would pay me millions for sitting around looking contemplative and intellectual, and sometimes alert and wise. Kind of like Yoda. But better looking.

I'd say things like "this one, the power, strong it is, in", or similar zen-sounding gibberish. Twenty eight? Me? Hoo hah!
You're nuts.

Naturally I said something about that when I posted it to my page.

"No no no no no! I'd like to DATE a 28 year old. Can't you stupid clickbaits get anything right?"

I'm actually NOT that picky. Twenty eight is just an approximate.

What IS key, however, is that she must like chocolate.

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