Thursday, April 16, 2015


In Northern Ireland two women know each other because one of them tried to find her doppelganger. She and two friends wanted to see if there were "twins" out there, people who looked exactly like them.
The woman in question turned out to have a duplicate living within a few miles, so she contacted her, and the two of them arranged to meet.
No, they're not related. But they probably do have some genetic material in common.

It's an interesting experiment.

As far as I know, I do not share DNA with anyone in San Francisco, seeing as I landed here five hundred years ago on a flying saucer.
It's true.

According to google, I bear a striking resemblance to ALL of these fine human specimens.

You will kindly note that NONE of these handsome dudes has a pipe in his mouth, OR wire rimmed reading specs perched on his nose.

Several other "likenesses" also showed up, more Northern European than these gentlemen. But they all had such eccentric facial hair and bad clothing choices that they could not possibly be related.

None of them had a Hello Kitty backpack (for use only when travelling to and from Marin County).

Nor did any of them look like a badger.

Which farklemps me.

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