Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Someone, naturally, decided that the protest in Baltimore was a waste of time because of the past history of the man whom the police in that fine city murdered. Apparently the arrestee had been apprehended numerous times previously.

On Buzzpo, Eric Reed wrote: "Of course after Freddie Gray’s arrest, we’re all familiar with what occurred afterwards. In the meantime, it appears that thugs are burning Baltimore down for a felon and a drug dealer."

By Eric Reed

Mr. Eric Reed seems to have missed the point, that being that the police are not supposed to beat up somebody so badly that his spinal cord snaps. That's just not done.
Police custody, outside of the great stinking hellhole of Texas (where mr. Eric Reed hails from) is not supposed to become a death sentence.
Texas is different. We realize that they're totally insane there.
We have enough experience with Texas to know that.

Here's mr. Eric Reed's bio on Buzzpo:

Eric Reed

Eric Reed is the President and Founder of Gun Rights Across America. GRAA, was founded in December 2012 by Eric as a result of the push for more gun control in our country. Eric watched the Sandy Hook tragedy on TV, and he wept with the rest of America for the tragic loss of so many innocent children. But he also watched President Obama turn this tragedy into nothing more than a ludicrous political agenda just a few short hours after the shooting occurred. This sparked something deep within him, and made his blood boil red, white, and blue. He decided that he could no longer sit idly by and watch Americans rights wither away. GRAA has since become the fastest growing gun rights organization in the nation, has over 250,000 followers on social media, and recently has moved to memberships to take their fight for Americans rights to the next level. Eric resides in Texas with his lovely family, and was named the 2013 "Grassroots Activist Of The Year."

I'm rather glad that he founded Gun Rights Across America, because like many San Francisco liberals, I too have a fire arm (Glock semi-automatic).
It's for protection against trailer parkers, tea partiers, and Texans.
There ain't been any of those in my neighborhood in years.
I heard the last one tasted just like chicken.
My semi-auto is a treasure.
Thanks, Eric.

Again, people are not supposed to be so severely damaged by cops during arrest that they end up with a broken back and in a coma.
Not in the civilized world.

Things are different in Trailerparkistan; I grasp that verity.
Baltimore isn't there, it ain't Texas.
Dumbass redneck.

By the way: Praise the Lord.
That is what y'all do, right?
Have some more Frito pie.

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