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Some creatures are just almighty dang ugly. You wonder how they EVER find love. Fortunately, such is NOT the case with the stone dog duke. Which is a profoundly nasty looking beast, but never-the-less very much beloved. Adored even.

Sebastiscus tertius

Per Wikipedia:

"Sebastiscus tertius är en fiskart som först beskrevs av Vladimir V. Barsukov och Chen, 1978. Sebastiscus tertius ingår i släktet Sebastiscus och familjen kungsfiskar. Inga underarter finns listade i Catalogue of Life."

Translation: Sebasticus tertius are a type of fish first described by Vladimir V. Barsukov and Chen in 1978. Sebasticus tertius are of the genus sebasticus, taxonomic family of the redfish. No subspecies are listed in the catalogue of Life.

["UkkariKG" by Izuzuki - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
Sourced from Wikipedia.]

It's a scorpion fish. And it tastes good.

The Chinese name is 石狗公 ('sek kau kung'). Not surprisingly, it can be found in some restaurants in Chinatown. It can be poached in broth with tofu and carrots, steamed, or even deep-fried and served with hot peppers and cilantro. It is also served red-braised.

煮石狗公 、蒸石狗公 、炸石狗公 、或紅燒石狗公。

It is often not mentioned in the English language menu, but listed on the wall. Reason being that white people are unimaginative eaters, and usually scared to try anything new.

The poisonous spines are easily cut off before cooking.
The flesh is mild, yet somewhat rich.
Holds up very well.

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