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On Sunday October 22nd the XGH wrote:

My dear readers

Some of you seem confused, and maybe it's my fault. So let me be clear: I am not interested in debating whether religion is true, or whether Torah is min Hashamayim (unless I explicitly post about something like that). I have no doubt that it might all be very true, as might many other things. I also have no doubt that there is no way anyone can prove it true, and that given all currently available evidence to the contrary, a rational objective assessment can only conclude that it most likely isn't very true at all. Of course you can always have faith; rational objective assesments based on currently available evidence have been known to be wrong from time to time. Just not very often. Hence there's no point at all in debating it. I'll let you know if I change my mind.


Upon reading this, I realized that HaRav HaGaon XGH shlita was having yet another crisis of apikorsus - which means that bloggo-destructive behavior shortly follows. He's like that. Petulant.

Other Hhasidim get crumbs from the tish, or chap a tapuach at simches-toireh eppel-varfing, what we get from this rebbe is a fire-bombing of the entire reference-library, and a cheerful "Think for yourselves, tayere talmidim, think for yourselves, even though you're all wrong - the excercise will be good for you".

Then another several hundred postings go poof, along with ALL! OF!! THE!!! COMMENTS!!!
All we're left with, at that point, is a mental process-map of how the debate progressed, but of the actual landscape naught remains.

To coin a phrase, XGH borei olamos u machrivam.

This is very irritating. Don't you think so?

Fortunately, in addition to the post quoted in full above, I copied the following three posts:

The truth, the partial truth, and everything but the truth
(Another nutty theory from Avodah)
New: The ultimate answer to Science & Torah conflicts!!!
(Guaranteed to work, or your money back!)
Danger ahead - there are good reasons why God created atheists
(God created everything for a purpose)

If you want the full four, plus most of the comments (I was asleep by the time he torched the reading-room, so I didn't get all of them), just send a request to me by e-mail to:


XGH: Sorry, but it's SO annoying when you lop off archives and only leave one post up.

Jameel @ The Muqata Homepage <http://muqata.blogspot.com/> 10.24.06 - 9:16 am


>XGH: Sorry, but it's SO annoying when you lop off archives and only leave one post up.

It was predicted by BOTH.


Anonymous 10.24.06 - 9:30 am


Wow. My very own Hhasid. I am not worthy. ;-D

I am, however, planning to copy down other Exgodolhadoric posts as I run across them, plus the comments. I shall sporadically post a list. This just in case the good man goes major pyro and burns the entire yeshiva down to the ground. Again.

I advise you to do the same.


e-kvetcher said...

Gogol destroyed the second part of Dead Souls at the urging of a fanatic. Perhaps he is really Gogol Hador :)

Anonymous said...

Petulant indeed. I may have caused him to block out his monstrosity that he developed as a new site. It happened by accident I assure you as I was just trying to pep him up with my postings.
Type http://godolhador.blogspot.com/. Then type in the year followed by _. Then type two digits for the month followed by _ followed by 01 and then type _godolhador_archive.html

This way you will get Gadol HaDor's archives as Gadol HaDor. Before blogs people didn't have to advertise every turn in their lives as the Rambam and others may have just suspended disbelief in time to give Judaism a fair hearing. This isn't a bad idea. I've used it for Einstein's theory of Relativity (not something to chew over in one bite). We all have busy schedules and hasty judgements in science even isn’t good especially in a lab with chemicals.
Yisrael Asper

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