Thursday, October 05, 2006


[Recycling an e-mail to a friend. I am not above recycling my own stuff. It's not like wine, however. It does get better with each regurgitation - is that actually the word I'm looking for?]

[Spleen and bile, generally speaking. I just had lunch. Spleen and bile.]

Many "nations" only exist as minorities of larger states.

I'm sure the Tibetans would like their independence back - are there no calls to boycot China?

The Kurds were promised their own country at Versailles. Never mind that half of the Kurdish "freedom fighters" are sadistic bombers and thugs - I don't see anyone getting their knickers in a twist over the Kurds.

Anyone care to mention the Sudan? The list of ethnicities getting whacked there includes probably most of the population. Well, by default we are boycotting the Sudan (what exactly do they produce that we buy?), but we ain't boycotting the folks who enable them.


When it comes to Israel, whatever drive there was towards a solution of the conflict has been sabotaged by Arab recalcitrance and international diplomacy.

Remember the roadmap? That puppy was sick to begin with.

Remember the quartet? Sure you do.

"The quartet will evaluate the parties' performance."

And the quartet comprised (drum roll, please):
The United Nations (mostly failed states and gangster regimes).
The Europeans (allegedly better than the U.N., but with a far worse record vis-à-vis Jews and Muslims).
Russia (a failed economy, a failed political system, and a failed society - which has never shown impartiality or lack of bias).
The United States (big oil, small minds, and military-industrial interests all combined to set policy).

Oh yeah, this really inspires me with confidence. I especially like how all parts that make up the quartet have such beautiful records of keeping self-interest out of the equation. Bravo, bravo.

The United Nations and Europe said jacksh.. about the annexation of Timor L'este for a quarter of a century. They haven't done crap-all about Kashmir. How about the Chechens? Tutsis? Any other noticeable successes?

Srebenicza is hardly an example.

If Clinton hadn't pushed the Euros against the wall, they and Russia and the UN would have cheerfully sat back while the Serbians pogrommed Bosnia and Albania off the map.

Of course, the United States itself is, at this point, notorious for making a ghastly hash of international affairs - even at the best of times we have not been known for our subtle touch. Probably best if we recuse ourselves.

Which leaves....?

The only logical reason to include Europeans and Russians (as interested parties) in the process might be because of the absolute importance of Jerusalem. Which ab initio should mean that the status of Jerusalem is not negotiable.

Do I hear someone say that Jerusalem is also a Muslim holy city?

Let's go into some details.....

1. The Temple Mount is only of very minor importance to Muslims. Yeah, I know that the prophet is alleged to have ascended to heaven on lailat el qadr from there, but that's a load of h-pucky - the mosque was built to mark conquest and dominance, and then named Al Aqsa to assert a claim to the place and to mark the extent of Muslim power at the time; no connection whatsoever to the night journey.
2. If they're so hepped up over holy places, what the devil were their mujahids doing in the Church of the Nativity? That was a nauseating incident, even for non-believers.
3. Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia.
4. Who are they to claim special privileges, and why should that mosque be different than any other house of worship?

Besides, they've already got their special privileges - The Haram esh-Sharif (Temple Mount) was captured (liberated) during 1967 Middle East war, but Israel still allows the Muslims to continue controlling day-to-day affairs there.
The Islamic authority (Waqf) has kept it off-limits, more or less, to non-Muslims since October, 2000, and intends to continue barring non-Muslims from praying at the site.

Better the Muslims should maintain silence. Examination of the issue would bring too many Islamic worms to light.

World opinion?

At this point the list of morally bankrupt ideas from the rest of the world when it comes to holy land is so extensive that it would be best if they too just shut up. They already said whatever they have to say, they said it very badly, and they said it with a giant smelly foot in their mouth.


Anonymous said...

Well then ,we want the Eastern half of Mecca as the "traditionally Jewish quarter". Hmm, then perhaps anywhere Abraham stepped, anywhere Moses ever walked and then.....


The back of the hill said...

Title deeds to the lost proporty in Goshen.

More currently, how about Alexandria?

Anonymous said...

Right on.

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