Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Waking up is hard. Fortunately, you have a bladder that tells you how. This morning as usual I got up before my alarm clock went off. I have no friggin' clue how my bladder knows it's nearly to an hour before I've set the alarm, whether it's a work day or an off day.
But, like clockwork .....

Part of it doubtlessly is the imperative to take my pills. Which was drummed in by the habits of years. Earthquakes, fires, siege, and a car crash? No wakey wakey. But it's been a full day since that row of pills? Boy, it's time! Get your big posterior up! Now!

Yes, sadly my subconscious mind is a rude mo fo.
And works hand in glove with my bladder.
The paradigm of efficiency.

Unfortunately, like many hot coffee dependent people, it takes my sunny disposition a while longer to wake up. All body systems are running, yet my innate cheeriness and love for my fellows lags behind. I'm in a much better mood when I go to bed at night.
All humane and pallsey-wallsey by myself.
You'd like me then.
Yesterday my good nature did not surface until lunch time. Dumplings, hot sauce, Hong Kong milk tea, in a cheery comfortable clean place with alacritous service. I had become human again when I left. Lit up outside, and enjoyed a nice relaxed smoke for the next forty minutes in a pipe that may be much older than myself. A billiard shellbriar Dunhill patent.
Life is good. My feet hurt because of the cold, but life is darn good.

Perhaps life is indeed all about perky likable women bearing plates of goodies.
Or maybe I'm likable. That would account for it also.
Unlikely, but possible.

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