Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Three people I know swear by apple cider vinegar. They claim it promotes health, and makes them feel better. Yes, they're white. How did you know? One of them (the accident prone one) was sick more often than not for an entire year. Despite the vinegar.

I should mention that I had roast duck stirfried loofah and rice for dinner yesterday.
With tonnes of chilipaste. It was splendidly greasy and delicious.

There wasn't a single drop of apple cider vinegar in sight.

A tablespoon of chilipaste per day is healthy!

Up the ante by doubling that.


All of this comes to mind because someone on Facebook proudly posted a picture of a dish he made with bittermelon, and I was reminded of all the things that I like to eat which are filed under the "do not bring this to an office pot luck party" heading. The only acceptable food for an office pot luck party is tofu and brown rice casserole, which is vegan, culturally sensitive, and shows that you care.

And absolutely NO chili pepper in it.

That's far too ethnic.
Also, it might remind easily traumatized people that the Dutch not only were instrumental in spreading chilies to poor unsuspecting cuisines in distant outposts, but enjoyed eating highly spiced food in their rysttafels while wipping the natives without mercy in their many colonies. Yes, chilipeppers are both imperialist AND cultural appropriation on a monumental scale.
How insensitive of you, you heartless Dutchman. You're brutal!

The ONLY acceptable flavourings are salt, pepper, and ranch dressing.
The latter strictly vegan, for the lactose intolerant individuals.
And quite possibly made with apple cider vinegar.

Say, did someone mention tacos?

By the way: while waiting for the bus yesterday after tea-time in C'town, a very large tranny and a total screaming loony walked past in opposite directions.
Which seems like a totally San Francisco thing.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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