Friday, August 21, 2020


It isn't often that I think my fellow Americans are out of their goofy little minds. Strike that, it IS often, practically every damned day. But ever since lawyer Bob offended all right-thinking people in our little activist community by his paranoid e-mails screaming that Obama was going to take away his guns and nuke the world, it has become evident that many of us are batshit crazy, and should not be allowed on the internet unsupervised, or even out of the house by ourselves.

Strangest line on the internet today:

"President Trump was asked if he agrees with QAnon supporters who think that he's secretly hunting down thousands of Satanistic, deep-state pedophiles and cannibals so they can be executed for their crimes."

I left the grassroots group of which I had been member for years largely because of lawyer Bob and his fellow-travellers. It's almost a guarantee that he voted for Trump, and actually believes that there are thousands of cannibalistic satanist child molesters in the government.

Global satan-worshiping pedophile sex ring?

I guess there's just no hiding from the good Christians, huh?

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