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Thursday, March 01, 2018


Shan't explain how it came to pass, although astute readers will be able to piece together the path it took. I am presently enchanted by a plant.


From Wikipedia:
"Metarungia pubinervia is an Afrotropical plant species in the acanthus family, which is native to forest understorey in the Afromontane archipelago. It is widespread in eastern Africa, with isolated populations in southern Africa and Nigeria."

"The pale brownish bark is covered with lenticels. The opposite and narrowly elliptic leaves are around 20 cm long, with pubescent veins and entire margins. The two-lipped flowers emerge from the reddish-fringed, green bracts on axillary spikes along the upper sides of branches."
End cite.

"The large, dark pink to maroon corollas attract forest sunbirds as pollinators, including Southern double-collared, Collared, Grey and Olive sunbirds. Reproduction occurs in various ways. Seed is produced for a month or so after flowering, producing seedlings that are ready to benefit from rains at the start of the wet season. Suckers develop where plants are damaged, to form new plants."
End cite.

That is impressive prose. It speaks to me.
Veins, covered with fine down.
It's a bit clinical.

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