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Sunday, March 25, 2018


For a while now I enjoy a cigar with my second cup of coffee in the morning, and, because it is buggery cold out at this time of year, I tend to go into the bathroom rather than outside to the sidewalk. There is an electric heater in the bathroom, which is nice. There is probably an unwashed drunk on the downstairs front steps, or a crazy pothead.
And in any case, no heater.

My apartment mate must wonder what the heck I do in there that takes so long. Let's call it arthritis; everything moves slower.

She probably would not understand that everything in the morning except shaving is done better with a cheroot.

I've tried shaving with a cheroot.
It was not a good idea.

Two cups of strong coffee, then head to the showers with a robusto for some quiet time.

I often don't eat anything in the morning, and in any case nothing before ten o'clock, AFTER the two cups.

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