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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


One of the posts which seems to have excited a lot of attention over the years is the brief essay about humsup, which was written aeons ago.
Multiple readers, every single day.
I confess myself baffled.

Surely a word to describe loathsome behaviour and its practitioners is not really that interesting?

Perhaps women wish to inform certain men of their reprehensibility?

Or some men want to avoid being so labeled.

If the latter, that is commendable. Were I a woman, I would very likely have clobbered several people by now. I am surprised that our jails are not more filled with rebels and anarchists of the feminine gender.


The civilized man adheres to a code of conduct of which Trump, Weinstein, and several noted public figures are quite ignorant. These odious man-bitches have turned Dunleavy's seminal satire into reality, and even Aunt Mildred would be hard pressed to put these putrid pricks in their place.

The civilized woman should probably own a gun.

Boys, it's all about veneer and self-discipline. You would not want your daughter, wife, or grandma to be offended and become violent, nor for civil society to descend into anarchy and caveman behaviour. So even if you do harbour a vein of prurience a mile wide, such as most teenage boys at some time in their lives, it might be best to hide it. Be a gentleman, always.
Your aunts and uncles would be shocked at how disgusting you are.
Not your parents, they've grown blind over the years.
After all, they made you.

We're counting on you. Do not fail.
You are not Donald Trump.
Filthy freak.

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