Friday, March 02, 2018


The United States will impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminium. In response, Europe threatens to do likewise to blue jeans, bourbon, and Harley Davidson motorcycles.
MillerCoors warns that this will cost American jobs.

For the record, I wish to state that blue jeans are now mostly made in China, bourbon whisky is crap, Harley Davidson motorcycles appeal to people with small penises, and American beer is bilge water.

Still, I encourage steelworkers in Michigan and Pennsylvania to show their solidarity and spirit by having a Manhattan with a suds chaser, while fondling someone wearing bulgy jeans, ooh, zesty.
Please have several more Manhattans.
Then roar off on your Harley.

The rhetoric is heating up. And other than a prolonged Bronx cheer, I have nothing significant to say, nor anything I wish to add to the discussion.
I hardly drink beer, almost never touch Bourbon, do not ride or wish to own a motorbike, can't afford a car in any case, and consider blue jeans unsuitable for my rump.

Note: we import far more steel from Canada than any other country.
We're getting back at them for socialized medicine.
Republicans hate Canada.

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swb said...

"bourbon whisky is crap"

Fighting words Sir!

The back of the hill said...


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