Wednesday, March 07, 2018


For the past two days I have been smoking a tobacco blend of my own devising. A simple composition, details of which I shan't reveal -- being kinda selfish and private that way -- but sofar it has proven infinitely satisfying. It re-awakens memories of a mis-spent youth. Golden days and nights during my teenage years. Very mood-reverberant.
The best pipe yesterday was while observing the rats in Spofford Alley late at night. They are far more active after dark has fallen. Perhaps I should not have purchased the Oolong Lychee milk tea with ice and grass jelly, because with only two hands it was a bit of a juggle along with pipe, tamper, bristly cleaners, matches, and a walking stick for beating people.
Fortunately I did not drop anything.

My, those rats are lively!

If I were a snake I would be in my element.

As an ambulating mammal, however, I wish it were just a little warmer outside. My right leg is a pain in the gand in colder weather. Which makes me crotchety. I like rats, but I might need a fur coat to observe them.

There are cats in Chinatown -- two of them live just around the corner from the north end of Spofford -- but they are too well-fed and loved to be effective against a thriving rodent population.

Finishing that long drawn out "alley beautification project" would perhaps reduce their number, by reason of making their environment less hospitable.
Further beautifications of the Chinatown neighborhood are planned.

Disruptions, crippled businesses, and more hassle.

Which will likely mean more rats.

Eventually Chinatown will be picturesque, photogenic and colourful, a great boon to the tourist industry, and entirely devoid of people, because it will be too cold, too sterile, and far too high-rent for any of the residents.
Which is probably exactly what the city wants.
But those rats will still be there.
The city is cool with that.
No tourists at night.

Releasing wolves would yield better effects.
And be far more interesting.
And honest.

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