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Thursday, March 22, 2018


There are times when I am surprised at what is considered a fit conversational subject among men. Which I shall now discuss.

If you are not a man, please close your eyes till the end of this post.

Yesterday evening someone made me an obscene proposition, this afternoon one of the cigar-smokers asked if I had watched Stormy Daniels' sex-tapes.
The answer to both 'queries' is 'no'.
To the first person, it's because I am straight. Please don't take it personally, and you happen to be intoxicated. Stop mentioning your penis, I am sure you have one.
To the second, why on earth would I be interested in anyone Dunglump humps?

I'm a bit old-fashioned.

What I think of body parts is nobody's business unless the recipient of that data is naked, and what I say is both positive and gladly received.
In a spirit of happy playfulness, of course.
As well as unmarried and female.
The recipient, not the data.

All the nudity to which I have been exposed in the last several years has been accidental, rather than deliberate. If it is ever deliberate again, which would be nice, it would be best to mutually decide upon a time and place.
And, of course, she should be unmarried and female.
In a spirit of happy playfulness.

You may open your eyes now.

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