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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


A youtube video being widely circulated on the internet shows a white dude acting offensive and obstreperous at Pudong Airport. He was subsequently removed from the United Airlines flight. The red baseball cap he was wearing said "Make America Great Again". Which was NOT the reason the old bastard was removed, but that seems to have escaped many Trumpites in the hinterland, who are incapable of doing their research.

He was removed because he was an A-hole.

The baseball cap was incidental.



Video from Skull Shaver, who writes: 
 "The Skull Shaver team was returning from Shanghai and got caught in this whole unfortunate incident. They reported the story and provided the video. Because of the disturbance, the flight was rerouted to San Francisco instead of the original destination. The crew was changed again and the flight continued to Newark. Eight hours later, UA82 arrived at Newark Airport at 2:20am on May 22, 2017.

United Airlines was extremely nice to passengers. The crew was excellent in calming down passengers and making them comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. Hats off to United Airline and its crew."
End cite.

What Skull Shaver doesn't entirely clarify is that the poisonous old cuss demanded to be upgraded to First Class even though that was not possible, inconvenienced everybody, delayed the flight by three hours, used terms which were, shall we say, not unbiased, insulted numerous people ......
All of which is made clear by news articles.

"Another passenger on the flight said the man had wanted three seats next to his own because he could not get an upgrade. The three seats had been allocated to other passengers."


Perhaps we need to screen our belligerent and dumbass Trump supporters before they go overseas and make us all look stupid?

"... the Trump supporter asked to be bumped to first class but his request for an upgrade was denied. He then walked to the rear of the plane and allegedly blocked access to his row of seats. Eventually, all passengers were forced to get off the plane and return to the gate. "

"While it is difficult to make most of what the man is saying over the din of the plane, at one point he can be heard ranting about people standing here who 'don’t' know how to speak English.'"

Read more at Daily Mail - Man In Trump Hat Disrupts China US Flight

The police in Shanghai are too gentle. If it had happened in Chicago or the Middle East, they would have used billy clubs on his entitled behind. Heck, even here in San Francisco the police might have broken some of his fragile old bones. But the Shanghai police respect old people, even if they are clearly deserving of a vicious beatdown.

Now, the problem I have with this disruptive old coot is NOT that he's wearing an idiot hat. That's his own affair. What galls me is the entitled attitude. He radiates that he is old and white, and therefore feels that the world owes him something, and that he's allowed to be a blister.

That's seems fairly common nowadays.

Precious little snowflakes.

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