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Saturday, May 13, 2017


Usually I avoid the sites that have attitude written all over them, like Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, or anything featuring Alex Jones and Richard Spencer. Sometimes I get lured in, by a friend's remark.

Such as recently You Offend Me You Offend My Family, where Erin Chew posted a pissy article about someone else's pissy article.

This, then, is a pissy article about that.

Regarding the essay 'Why This White Guy Writing About The Racism He Receives For Being With An Asian Woman Is Problematic' by Erin Chew, spewing about some dude in the Midwest.

How about the Asian men who feel slighted to see this? How about the emasculation of Asian men in the West?
End quote.

Anyways, I won’t harp too much on this but will say that his article is just full of white privilege… nowhere did he mention that he is trying to “understand Asian culture”, or that “he is trying to learn the language” etc… it’s all about how discriminated he feels… it’s white privilege written all over it.
End quote.

But hey, maybe I am just over sensitive to this… I don’t know but feel free to let us know what you think.
End quote.

Yeah, Erin, maybe you are being over-sensitive. And maybe you are being just a prick, as are your readers who left snotty comments.

Two things from when I was still in a relationship: "How can you bear to pollute yourself by sleeping with THAT", said by a cracker from Louisiana about my Chinese American significant other, and then the fact that she (my significant other, not the cracker) didn't introduce me to ANY members of her family till two years after she broke off our relationship (and then only as "my best friend").
So okay, I may not be totally receptive to the whole "oh god there's that white entitlement AGAIN" attitude that oozes from Erin's article, or the snippy over-sensitivity of the author. Been there, done that.

Do you want to talk about my Chinese American co-workers years ago who gave me hell for seeing a Chinese American woman? How about the fact that it was always assumed my ability to converse in Cantonese had to be because she trained her dumb kwailo, despite the fact that she is barely able to speak her parents' language (Toishanese), and thinks Hong Kong Cantonese sounds wrong? Or how about whenever we went to Chinese restaurants the waiters automatically ignored me, and addressed her brusquely in Chinese?

How about the snooty Mandarin-speakers, with their crappy attitude?
"We're vastly superior to the Cantonese, and you are too stupid (and white) to realize that, that's why you've got a mere peasant woman who doesn't even speak properly, neither of you could have done any better!"
Or the Filipinos, Koreans, and Pacific Islanders?
I'm sure she remembers all of that.

And if I mention the Asians ("Asian Americans") specifically, Erin Chew, it's because the Caucasians were no less dumb-ass, on the whole, but a lot less vicious and mean-spirited.

We are no longer each others be-all and end-all, just very good friends.
And you know something, Erin Chew, people precisely like you were blistering a-holes during the time we were together.

You and your type are a pox.

And by the way, Bruce Lee put paid to the entire "emasculation of Asian men" thing. You shouldn't let it effect you so much. It's not very manly.

Further by the way: I've heard that Matt Damon will play the starring role in the Bruce Lee biopic 'Little Dragon'.

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  • At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Steamed dragon said…

    Provocative! Did anyone punch you after you wrote that?


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