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Monday, May 08, 2017


The realist in me is a bit dense. Only now do I realize that the reason why the rightwingers in the lounge were viciously chivying the only liberal there was because Marine Le Pen lost to the reasonable man. No, I really had no idea those morons were that passionate about French politics!
I didn't think they even knew that it existed.

The French have retained the right to intellectually sneer at us.

But, whatever you say about Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen, she mostly speaks in complete sentences. Which our feckless leader doesn't.

[Feckless does not mean what probably, if you are someone who voted for the schmuck, you think it means.
Definition of feckless: 1: weak, ineffective. 2: worthless, irresponsible. Someone feckless is lacking in feck. Feck is a Scots term that means "effect" or "majority" and comes from an alteration of the Middle English effect. So something without feck is without effect, or ineffective. In the past, feckful (meaning "efficient," "sturdy," or "powerful") made an occasional appearance (Merriam Webster.]

She is, never-the-less, a repulsive Fascist, the unclean spawn of a repulsive Fascist, and the leader of repulsive Fascists. There is reason to breathe a sigh of relief, while hoping that the whole ghastly heap of them die of the plague, syphilis, or cannibalism, in the next few years.

She and everyone who voted for her can feck themselves backwards.
So can the several slopebrowed lounge dingos.
As well as you know who.

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