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Tuesday, May 09, 2017


It is probably a good thing that I have committed no crimes against G-d or man in this country. Or Canada, or The Netherlands. We shall not speak of anywhere else. At this point I do not wish to revisit South East Asia.
Remember that Hong Kong is NOT in South East Asia.

Last night I had two drinks around the corner, because after three days of babysitting pudgy middle-aged Republicans, a man needs to unwind.
A local karaoke bar, and single malt.

The howled lyrics were not enough to drown out the nearby conversations. In consequence of which I now know far too much about Lidocaine and anal sex, and am quite aghast at the dis-innocence of the younger generation. That being the specific subject I overheard.
In my adolescence, we "trusted" sparkling rosé.
Pale amber fruity rosé spumante.
As well as corduroy.

I still remember the aggressive blonde fondling her bare breast at me years ago. It seemed so forward and explicit at the time, but in this modern day that may actually be subtle or innocent.

I do not wish to assume that what I overheard last night represents the current version of romantic conversation.

Let me remain a fuddy duddy.

Spare me the details.

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