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Monday, May 08, 2017


What do my readers want? Or rather, what strange data and thoughts reflected on this site bring visitors, some of whom may linger (while others quickly go elsewhere)?
This IS the internet, and most folk are, shall we say, a little twisted.
Not the type that you bring home to mom.

So naturally, the post from aeons back that drew the largest number of gawkers the past few weeks was the one about the difference between French cut and High cut briefs. Because people in Dubai and Bangladesh respect the deep knowledge of someone who knows from women's underwear. About which they are curious. Commendably.

I have little curiosity about women's underwear. Unless there is somebody inside of the garment(s). Which is quite missing from my life.
On the whole, I suppose, I am in favour of it.
If you are woman, please wear it.
In the best of health.

As a single man with no involvements dammit, my own curiosity tends towards food and tobacco, as well as linguistic oddities.
Plus on a daily basis the news.

Several visits here have been the result of similar interests. On a planet of eight billion people, there must be a few others who share my fascination with food, tobacco, and linguistics. Unfortunately most of the comments have been saly pink pork shoulder compound about worlds of warcrap and medication to get your dick hard. Or your bald spots to disappear.
With assiduous application of something.
In the fullness of time.

If you are bald, please rub some lard or tofu on it.
For that other medical problem do likewise.
If you play video games, ditto.

Then, in all cases, dance widdershins around a pile of women's panties that you stole from the local laundromat or a girl's locker room.

You problems will soon seem insignificant.

Trust me. I'm a doctor.

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